April 23rd, 2010

I have still been very busy remodeling and fishing.

I ripped out one of the walls to the front downstairs bedroom.
(We really don't need 5 bedrooms, anyhow).
It freaked out my wife losing so many vertical supports, so I added a sub-beam.
Then added a floor on the basement side, leveling it up to match the bedroom floor.
Today I am re-routing the electrical, and tomorrow laying carpet tiles.
Finished room will be a 18' by 17' playroom, with a 2 inch step down to a 10' by 17'
sitting/reading area leading to the rear sliding glass doors.  Half the playroom will
be our computer area, and half will be a TV area with couch, chairs, and the 55" TV.
I will finally be able to hook back up my surround sound system to the TV!

I joined the North Georgia Stripers Club.
We have a meeting and tournament each month, and also take underprivileged kids fishing.
Also have additional tournaments now and then with other fishing clubs/associations.

I bought 4 planer boards for my boat (they tow the baits at a 45 degree angle from the
boat so the fish don't see the boat, and so you can get the bait closer to shore).
Also now have two downriggers on the back, and 7 pole-holders.
Still working on catching a 30+ lb fish...

We got back $9,300.00 in Federal Taxes this year!

February 27th, 2010

My website got hacked this month, so I rolled it back to 2006.
I will soon be gutting it and reworking it anyhow.

My father died on September 7th, 2008, from liver cancer.
My mother died on September 8th, 2006, from COPD.

On November 30th, 2009, Karin and I bought a 5 bedroom house on Lanier. It has a
dock on an inlet, which feeds out into the main lake.  I already have my pontoon
boat parked at the dock, but it's too cold to fish.  I remodeled the living room and
main bedroom, installing hard wood flooring, repainting, and decorating with new
furniture.  Also repainted the bathrooms and kitchen.  All by myself, in only 8 weeks!
Our property back up against several hundred acres of Army Corps of Engineers
flood control land... so it's like we have a 60 acre plus back yard!

Using our savings, and my stocks, we have the house about 25% paid off.  Plan on
having it totally paid off in about 2018, when I am 58.  (Before 60, which is nice).

We currently have 4 dogs... the mother dog (Tasha), two boys from her first litter
(Mocha and Blackie), and a small girl from the second litter (Saki).  They love the
back yard, and I am planning on installing some fencing this spring.

My brothers are both fine.  Brian is living in my parent's house, which we plan on
selling in a few years.