Glenn Alan Gibson


PC Repair and Installation, SCO Unix Open Server, HP Unix, Sun Unix, Zenix, Modula2, Visual Basic, Visual C++, UBB, UB/L, TCP/IP, IPX, Windows 95 LAN, Windows 3.X, Procomm Aspect Programming, Office 95/97, FTP, Access, Excel, Frontpage, Lotus 123, IE4, Outlook, Innformix. 

Hospitality Industry from Night Auditor to General Manager, CLS, HIS, Encore, Innfocus, Micros, PBX, Back Office, Accounting, Payroll, Point of Sale Interfaces, Call Accounting Interfaces, Movie Interfaces, Guest Services Interfaces, Food and Beverage Management.

Work History:

2000-Present - Virtual Property Broker, Freelance Programmer

Buying and selling "Virtual Property" on the Internet.    Invited to several conventions, including two Dragoncon conventions, to speak on topics involving Virtual Property.  Moderator of several online tradeboards including .  Freelance programming in Visual Basic.

1998-2000t - Senior Installer/Trainer - GEAC

Installing Unix Systems and Management software in Military and Commercial Hotels in North/South America, Europe, Asia, and the Orient. Training hotel staff. Supervising 2-5 other trainers.

1996-1998- MIS Manager - Atlanta Dental Supply

Managed a SCO Unix Openserver Network with 100+ Users, 3 PC Networks, and Printer Networks. Installed, diagnosed, and repaired problems with PCs. Wrote custom Procomm scripts for managing Unix databases and reports. Wrote 2500+ line Procomm script for automating salesman laptops connecting into the unix system. Light programming in Transoft UBB and UB/L. Design and management of company website.

1993-1996 - Senior Installer/Trainer - Cyntergy/Encore Systems

Installed Unix Systems and Management software in Hotels in North America and Europe. Trained hotel staff. Installed and tested Interfaces. Supervised 2-5 other trainers. Manned support desk when in town.

1989-1993 - Network Support Manager - Days Inns Of America

Managed Support Desk and staff for Days Inn Reservation Software, Satellite connections, PC Hardware, and Innfocus Management Software. Supervised dispatching of IBM and other repairs.  Development, training, and management of new Network Control Department in Phoenix after buy-out by HFS.

1987-1989 - Trainer/Installer - Hospitality Information Systems

Installed Unix Systems and Management Software in Hotels. Trained hotel staff. Installed and tested Interfaces. Provided 3rd line of Software/Hardware Support for Days Inns of America.

1986-1986 - General Manager - Days Inn Hotel - St. Pete Beach

Beachfront Hotel Manager.  Supervised a 1.5 million dollar renovation and conversion to Days Inn Hotel.

1984-1985 - Rooms Division Manager/F&B Manager/Front Desk Manager/Auditor - Various Hotels

Working my way up through the ranks with my sights on being a Manager before I was 30.

1978-1984 - Electrician - US Navy

Installation, maintenance, and repair of ship's electrical systems.   Electrical Control Systems trainer. Electrical Safety Petty-Officer.   Charleston NS Base groundskeeping supervisor,  drill team "guide-on."



High School Diploma - Tehran American School, Tehran, Iran

(everything else self-taught)