Chiapet's World of Warcraft Addons


Addons written by me:

BGHonorWatch - after a battleground it reports the earned kills and honor, totals, and honor being gained per hour
PriestWatch - plays sounds when cooldowns finish for Circle of Healing, Power Word: Shield, and Guardian Spirit
SellSound - plays a cash register sound when you sell something in the Auction House
WarlockWatch - plays "Healthstone!" at 60% and 30% health, and "Deathcoil Ready" when it has finished cooldown

Other useful and rare addons:

ArenaCountDown - counts down from 60 seconds in Arenas and Battlegrounds, with a voice saying "3, 2, 1, Start!"
    -  I have modified this addon to include all battlegrounds
MoneyMonitor - places a moveable gold bar on your screen that you can see all the time
RedRange - turns quick bar buttons red if out of range, or blue if not enough mana
TimerButtons - customizable bars that show the duration left on a DoT or HoT